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Mid/Senior UX/UI Product Designer | €35-50K

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At Barkibu, we believe that all pets deserve immediate access to veterinary advice and the best insurance to cover unforeseen health expenses.

With that in mind, we are building the best consumer experience to help pet parents take care of their pet’s health, through a combination of (i) an AI powered vet assistant, (ii) a telehealth platform, and (iii) a suite of subscription plans.

We are looking for a Senior UX/UI Product Designer

  • We are looking for a Senior UX/UI Product Designer, someone oriented to scaling the business while designing for people;
  • You have experience iterating mobile apps, designing for growth. You have experience in visual design, interaction, product thinking and user insight. You have the ability to own design problems from end to end;
  • You communicate very well with your colleagues. You are a team player.

Our culture and work environment

We have a purpose. This is what we believe in and what we’ll fight for at Barkibu: all pets deserve immediate access to veterinary advice and the best insurance to cover unforeseen health expenses.

We are data obsessed. While you work at Barkibu, you will be oriented to growing the business: you will have a clear understanding of the levers of conversion, and how different processes influence behaviour and growth.

We ❤️ tools and processes. You will work with the right tools and processes. Simply put, we like having all we need to do our job. We want your input shaping the way we work and the tools we use.

We are remote. We feel extremely productive and organized the way we work. Also, this is a work environment with a strong communication within the team. Being remote means that you are very disciplined, and also brings the freedom of working from anywhere you want.

Your day-to-day

  • First weeks: You will be working on processes to influence behaviour and increase conversion rates. You will focus on a few growth-related processes within the app, and you will ship designs against specific metrics. You’ll see the first results;
  • First few months: You will feel you have a clearer understanding of our growth engine, and how to influence it;
  • By your first year: You will dominate all processes from the onboarding to subscription; you will understand how a subscription app grows; you will understand how to identify levers of retention and how to influence them. You will speak metrics.

What are we offering?

  • We are offering a unique opportunity to have impact on millions of pets, and produce such impact developing your own ideas and 100% team support;
  • You will work together with very experienced product builders and engineers;
  • This is an important role at a winning company in a key sector that is going to be radically transformed by technology. Two out of three American households own pets, they spend an average of $1,380 for dogs annually, and around 50% of pets don’t have access to physical veterinary care. This is an important problem in a large market: pet health is a $100B/year market;
  • We will provide you with everything you need to feel well and do great. You will work in a great environment focused on making you, and all of us, better;

Get in touch with us

This is what motivates us. If you want to contribute, please get in touch with us. When you do, tell us what motivates you, and give us a few examples of how your design work has impacted metrics in your former projects.

You can email Gabi at, or simply call me at +34 666 552 418.

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