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Mid Front-end Developer (interested in learn Shopify) | €30-40K

  • 🇪🇸 España

  • 🇬🇧 Inglés necesario (entorno seguro para mejorar)

  • Programación
  • Frontend
  • Shopify

Do you want to be the guardian of the website of a company whose purpose is to improve the life of the digital generations? Do you like to be always researching and you feel amazed with new ideas? Do you want to continue growing in your career? If the answer is yes, then you will love Barner Brand!  

What is Barner?

We have a clear mission: empower the life of the digital generations by creating functional, creative and beautifully designed products. Our strong and fast growth has been built by a team of proactive, smart, creative, hands on, hard working people who embrace Barner’s culture. 

We will avoid you to feel like a number, as a core part of the team, your work will have a visible impact on the world. We want to fuel your passion 🔥. 

Do you find this interesting? Okay, so let's continue! 👇    

What will your contributions be?

Your mission: Will be to take care of the front-end development of the Barner´s website, becoming it into a multiproduct web, putting your efforts on improving the actual conversion rates and building a more friendly website to users 

Your success in this mission will be fully achieved if you fulfil the following responsibilities:

As Front-end master

  • Develop the architecture of the website, design how it needs to be in order to have an exceptional user experience and a greater web flow 
  • Improve the attractiveness of the website, designing and programming the streamlining of the process with the obtained data  
  • Always work on keeping improving the development of the mobile & desktop version. The site should be fully responsive
  • Refactor the actual components to get improvement of the code, avoiding the obsolescence of it 
  • Carry out end to end testing for the development of a robust and scalable website
  • Manage the shopify plus, where the e-commerce is based 
  • Performance continuous benchmark of the greatest e-commerce in order to develop some features in our web
  • Ongoing improvement of the website’s speedWork together with the marketing team in order to keep improving relevant metrics like Conversion rates, AOV, CAC, LTV and any metrics which are directly impacting the business.
  • Provide support to the performance team to create new landing pages and implement features that we discuss to make it more accessible and escalable   

As an analyst expert

  • You will need to be 100% analytic, measuring everything that happens on the website and being always looking over the main metrics that are impacting the process 
  • Provide your experience and your knowledge to the team in order to develop proposals to improve the web performance and the conversion rate
  • Being always testing new features/ideas, analyzing the results and get into a new ideas, always reporting and working with the marketing team    

Which is our stack?

  • Html 
  • Liquid 
  • Jquery
  • Shopify
  • CSS  

What will make you succeed with us?

  • +3 years of experience in e-commerce/marketplace for a company with its own product. (We are going to be confident with you in order to develop the website for the brand, so you need to have knowledge and know-how behind you)
  • Knowledge of Front languages (HTML, CSS y Javascript) and Shopify as they will be your main frameworks you need to be familiar with them 
  • Have a great visual taste, always oriented to the user (Site design is more than eye candy. It's a powerful persuader)
  • You need to be actually living in Barcelona (or willing to relocate)    

What will you win if you work with Barner?

For this question, we asked Ramón (Co-founder and COO of Barner Brand), what means to work in Barner, and that was his answer

...We like seeing people change and growth when they start working with us, and we have seen it a lot in Barner. A real life example is our Brand manager who has become a role model with a strong opinion.

For me, someone who comes to work for Barner it's a person who is going to learn how to lead people and teams (when he or she gains it they will have their own team), and how to learn everything about the startup's environment, understanding how the crowdfunding platform works. I think this could be interesting for anyone who has a special interest in starting a business on their own.

Alongside all of this, we have the padawan mindset, they will focus on their own professional and personal growth. We have a separate budget for training and educating full time employees. Of course, they will be in the process of business development. They will not be only a number because this doesn't fit with our culture, they will have a lot of impact on the business. Enjoying a multicultural team with 8 different nationalities it's something I find specially grateful...

And, we can tell you more benefits:

  • 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦  Teammates: We work as a community, with a very good Flow among all and where there will always be someone with you to help you through good times and bad. You will always count on us! The team is supportive of each other, pulling together through the busy periods and always making sure to have fun and to celebrate successes.
  • 🔨 Flexibility: At Barner we are guided by a clear value "Passion for life", you can shape your professional life around your personal life. 
  • 🌍  Impact on the world: At Barner we want to positively impact the world through our initiatives. This will make you feel that you work in a company that wants to generate a global change.

Check our values:

Passion For Life

We go hand with multicultural aspects, sharing moments, positivity and outdoor activities.

Padawan Mindset

To understand the world and its differences, a constant state of learning and curiosity is welcome

Little Buddha

To be conscious of ourselves and the enviroment, we have to be respecful of every interaction we have with everything that surrounds us.

Pride In Ownership

We all enjoy our freedom with co-responsibility and ownership of our duties.

And you can also watch our Youtube channel  or hear an interview of our founders in Spotify If after everything we have told you, you want to join us, do not hesitate!    Apply this offer and live your new adventure with our marvelous team in Barner Brand!

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