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Startup (early stage)

Senior Product Manager | €40-50K

  • 🇪🇺 Europe

  • 🇬🇧 Fluent English required

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  • Product Manager

There’s a talent for hiring people. You cannot leave it all to an algorithm and a chatbot. And you don’t have to do it all alone.

Circular is a community of talent managers committed to referring talented people they know and providing a positive candidate experience.

Recruitment, re-humanised.

We launched our community over two years ago and we already close hundreds of tech hires every year –for companies hiring remotely or within Spain (for now). We’re a team of 15 ultra-motivated software engineers, designers, account managers, and talent advocates convinced that recruiting doesn’t have to be a brutal and ruthless industry. We’re now facing a huge expansion phase and looking for an experienced product manager to help us deliver growth-enabling features to the community.

Our culture

We believe that a strong set of values are needed to fulfill our mission. Values that inform every decision we make, every day; concrete and specific ideas that are easy to understand and that guide our relationship with our projects, our customers, and how our team works together.

  • Human: We put people first, we’re not a family but we’re a team in which we deeply care for each other. We’re conscious that the work we do at Circular has a positive impact on people’s lives.
  • Clear: if it’s not self-explanatory; you need to rewrite it, rebuild it, or redefine it.
  • Accountable: radical transparency in objective setting and performance leads to clear responsibility and no arbitrariness.
  • Efficient: we are no fans of crunch time so we don’t waste time on non-core tasks, plan in advance, foster focus, prioritize and re-prioritize to-do lists, avoid meetings and presentations, etc.
  • Fast but excellent: it is possible to move quickly and have high-quality standards. We encourage candid, constructive feedback and acknowledge everything can always be improved.
  • Diverse and inclusive: We are a team with different backgrounds because we know it leads to a better outcome. Every team member and the whole Circular community participate in how we build Circular.

What will you be doing?

During 2021 we will be scaling the Circular community in our current cities (Madrid, Barcelona and Remote within Europe) and expanding to new markets.

To be able to scale we need to build growth-enabling features. And we need to do it fast and with the world class quality that our users expect. How do we keep going fast as we grow? How do we go even faster while ensuring our product keeps a very high standard? You will be fundamental in answering these questions.

As a Senior Product Manager you’ll be working full time on improving the Circular product and our Product Development Cycle so we can get there!

We'll let you know more during the interviews, but some example projects you will be working on in the first few months:

  • Design and implement a product development cycle that will work now and as we’re scaling 4x the product engineering team.
  • Lead the implementation of integrating with third-party channels to communicate with recruiters and candidates in the community: Telegram, WhatsApp or Slack are the most obvious options.
  • Identify and understand Circular’s liquidity KPIs and come up with initiatives to improve them in a scalable way.

How do we work?

We have a lean and pragmatic approach to product and software development. Linear is our main project management tool with a lot of Google Docs and, increasingly, Notion for documentation. Our design system lives on Figma where we can all interact with it. The engineering teams lives on GitHub.

As we scale in the next three months, we’ll set up three semi-independent teams working on different product areas: CommunityLiquidity and Operational efficiency.

Each of this team will be responsible for specific KPIs and have ownership of their roadmap and its delivery on time. All teams are aligned by our quarterly OKRs and our vision for the next 18 months.

Everything else is up for discussion! We expect you will bring fundamental improvements to how we work. Are you up for it?

What we can offer

  • €40k-€50k annual salary depending on your experience
  • A very competitive pack of stock options (defined as a percentage of your salary)
  • Whatever hardware and software you need for the job. We currently work with Apple Macbook Pros (13”) with external displays.
  • Full-remote work within the European timezone and the option of going to our Madrid office.

Job requirements

Who's this opportunity for? Someone with 4 to 7 years of relevant work experience. That means you’ve probably been in a startup or agile corporate team before. We’re open to people from different backgrounds but it’s important to us that you can demonstrate performance in a small, fast paced team.

  • Ideally someone with strong Product Management experience in digital projects.
  • A person that has been leading product in a small, cross-functional team, working very closely with software engineers.
  • Someone with a data-driven mindset that, with research, and customer insights, will inform every decision you make.
  • A person who is happy and comfortable in a very independent environment. You should have strong communication skills (in English) and high ethical and work standards that will help you make the many micro-decisions you’ll need to make to move fast.
  • Someone who wants full exposure to the world of scaling a startup and evolving Product Market Fit. We’ll include you in many discussions outside the comfort zone of the product world. From business strategy to communication to design and branding. This is a high impact role!

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