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Are you motivated with the Gamer revolution? Would you like to make a huge impact in a growing startup environment by leading the Product development in a pioneer sector?

Gamestry is a revolutionary video platform and community for gamers to watch, learn and talk about video games. Our mission is to offer gamers an optimized way to discover content in an oversaturated space, while empowering creators to focus on what they are really good at, creating content.

Users share their experiences and empower other users to do so. We believe that knowledge should be shared, so we have created this platform in which you can discover the best content from the best creators. For Gamestry, success means having the best product rooted in a strong technology foundation.

If you want to lead & build a product in one of the most interesting industries today, at Gamestry you will have to make decisions about the strategy, the vision and the team structure, along with our CPO.

How will you contribute to Gamestry?

Your mission will be to lead the product team, design the product strategy and scale up the business with a WOW experience through a unique product and design.

Your success in this mission will be stellar if you develop the following roles and contributions:

Company Leader

  • Work with founders of the company in bringing structure, clarity and new insights to ambiguous or complex problems.
  • Spread a common vision about the company and the product.
  • Share knowledge throughout the organization about product management.
  • Inspire a contagious optimism in leaders and stakeholders to face challenges with enthusiasm and conviction.

Product Manager Expert

  • Learn and embrace the company product vision and the company mission.
  • Define the product strategy, aligned with the organization business plan, design a product roadmap and make sure things happen.
  • Go-to-the market initiatives, reaching new customers, new business opportunities and potential partnerships.
  • Reformulate constantly different hypotheses and validate them, improve our product and adapt to the market needs.
  • Be the person of reference for our customers, have direct contact with them, listen, guide them and identify their needs.
  • Generate a WOW experience, offering a strong customer-oriented product.
  • Draw conclusions through quantitative and qualitative analytics.
  • Have a creative vision and knowledge on ux/ui design, coordinating product and design projects and teams.

Talented Team Leader

  • Manage and lead the team, with an aligned structure, clear roles and responsibilities, and motivated environment. Inspire them, train them with strong and potential insights, help them learn something every day, guide them in how to grow professionally.
  • Become a talent magnet and grow the product team. Identifying needs for new roles, hire and attract people for those roles
  • Reinforce the organizational culture within the product team, with human values, an ambitious vision and a motivating mission, within others.
  • Improve the delivery of the product team in speed and completeness. Working through squads generates efficiency.
  • Build strong relationships across the different departments of the organization, building team work in which feedback, data and communication are key for success.
  • Promote continuous customer research, benchmarking and product analysis within the team, keeping up-to-date with the market needs and new ways of doing things.

What will make you succeed with us?

  • +4 years experience as Head of Product in early stage organizations. Having worked in product leader positions within digital environments, having a notion of how they operate and execute. (Product management, UX, product analysis, product design, etc).
  • Leadership and Teamwork. Ability to influence and motivate other people so that they maximize their efforts towards achieving the company's business purpose. Capable of working with groups with different backgrounds, creating a sense of mutual goal.
  • Talent Magnet. Ability to attract killer talent, specially to the product and design team.
  • Product taste. Have the insights and intuition to understand customer needs for a product in a given area.
  • Hands-on. Involve and be proactive, face challenges, be resolutive, autonomous, and with organizational skills.
  • Outstanding ability to communicate. Up and down the organization, verbal, written and presentation skills.
  • User Obsession and Gamer mindset. Be customer-centric, have the user in mind, know how to talk to them and how to find out their problem and need.
  • High level of English: English is the language of Gamestry

You will outstand if you show:

  • Experience in the industry (Gaming, live streaming).

What benefits can GAMESTRY bring you?

  • 💪Startup Ecosystem that provides much more than a job experience.
  • 🌐🚀Development and Networking. You will interact and expose yourself with professionals and leaders in a growing industry, learning and developing in new technologies, and ways of doing.
  • 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Great Teamwork. If you join us you will be part of a growing strong team composed of different levels of seniority, where decision and ownership is shared.
  • ⏰Flexible and remote work. You will be the owner and administrator of your time, The time is flexible.

With whom will you carry out these contributions?

Do you want to know who will be your future partners in this mission? No problem!

We introduce you to Guillermo Torrens and Marc Collado who will be your partners in this journey. They can help you with everything you need and more.

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