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Senior Fullstack Developer | €40-65K

🗺 Mundo 🇬🇧 Fluent English required


We’re looking to expand our Engineering team with an additional Full Stack Software Engineer to work alongside our existing, tight-knit, Engineering team. As part of the core team at, you’ll be working directly with our Product and Design team to build and maintain our next generation of products while helping to expand our range of support tools to further improve operational efficiency.

🙍About you

You’re a great communicator and you believe collaboration results in faster & better. You’re accountable for your own work, and nag the people blocking your success. When you don’t know how to do something, you learn, or partner with someone who does. You are a cultural add to a team, making it better in your own way — not by bringing some other company’s processes, but by how you approach problems, think and contribute. People in all departments, not just engineers, like working with you.

You want to stretch your skills in development and scaling during the “rocket ship” phase of a startup, getting experience to wear many hats (today you get to play SRE!), prioritize, and collaborate with nearly everybody in the org. This is a rare experience that offers much more leadership and autonomy in whatever path you’re on, be it management, IC, or entrepreneurship later.

🌎 About us

We’re the buffer between clients and service-oriented small businesses, an area known as “lead qualification,” which is a lot more exciting than it sounds. We help the best service-oriented Small & Medium Businesses a.k.a. “SMB” (law firms, wealth management, IT consultants, marketers, and more) run better businesses, and our customers love us. It’s a huge market — 30M SMB in the US alone. While others are laying off in this new COVID world, we’re growing. We work our magic through a “human in the loop” AI + Receptionist system to handle their calls and chats, with funnels optimized for their industries and businesses.

We’re remote, and we’ve been that way since 2015. We’ve been generating revenue since day one, and our business has grown significantly. Our founders are early Google, Apple, Mint/Intuit, and we have a culture of “engineering is the product,” ruthless prioritization, honest communication, and respect. We build stuff very, very quickly (people who don’t fit can’t keep up — if you like to ship, you’ll like it here) with lots of customer input, and we subscribe to the Eames’ quote, “Innovate as a last resort.”

👣 Responsibilities

  • Collaborate to design and implement Full Stack features and products
  • Optimization of our existing applications for speed and scalability
  • Work with the Product and Design team to sculpt new products and features
  • Maintain code integrity and organization
  • Understand and implement security and data protection features
  • Provide mentorship as needed for other team members

👉 Requirements

  • 5 years experience as a Full Stack Software Engineer
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or comparable discipline
  • Highly experienced with Python+Django
  • Highly experienced with Vue.js or any Flux based framework
  • Able to effectively, conversationally communicate in English (written, spoken)

👍 Nice-to-haves

  • Experience with PostgresSQL/Celery
  • Experience with AWS/Ansible/Jenkins
  • Experience with Frontend build systems like NPM, Webpack, Yarn, Rollup
  • Experience working in a fast pace startup-like environment
  • Flexibility to adapt to California time zone

💫 Some highlights

  • Salary scale: It ranges between €40- 65K according to responsibility and expertise.
  • Work Remotely!: We want you to feel fulfilled, both professionally and personally, and that you have quality time not only at work but also with your friends and family.

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