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Startup (early stage)

Mid/Senior Back-End Engineer (NodeJS) | €40-50K

  • 🇪🇸 España

  • 🟢 Inglés deseable (no obligatorio)

  • Programación
  • Backend
  • Node

Every year tons of food is wasted in the world

Did you know a high percentage of that waste is due to errors non-detected in the food supply chain?

Our solution is changing the way companies track their products.

Trazable is a SaaS startup that combines blockchain technology to create a platform focused on transforming the food supply chain by digitizing quality departments.

Our mission is to bring transparency to supply chains, improving quality, food safety and Consumer trust.

Our Product

Since Trazable was born, 3 years ago, we have been focused on creating a product culture. 2021 was the year to officially launch the product to the market and validate the product/market fit with our first recurring clientes. Our focus this year is clear: start scaling the solution by perfectioning the product with the feedback obtained from these first cases of use.

What we are more proud of is about the support of the community: there are thousands of people believing our solution, this is what we felt when we fundraised more than 3M with the launching of our TRZ cryptocurrency at the end of 2021.

Now is the moment to revolutionize and digitize the food industry!

Do you want to join us? Keep reading 👇🏼

About the role

As Senior Back End Engineer you will join our product & tech squad, working closely with the CTO and CPO to bring high-quality applications to the Software. As senior and referent, you will be also responsible for designing and implementing testable and scalable code.

As Senior Backend Engineer

  • Have ownership of your work, from design to deployment and operation: You will get involved early in the Product Design process, meaning you will make an impact on helping to decide what we build and how we build it.
  • Design highly scalable, testable code and infrastructure.
  • Write clean code to develop functional features, doing code reviews and care about code quality and building robust, lasting, and scalable products.
  • Build a product: You will care about the product you’re building and the problem you’re solving, not just about the technology you’re using. You take pride in choosing the best technical solution for a problem with the rest of the team by taking all constraints into account
  • You will be responsible for analyzing and maintaining existing software applications.
  • Discover and fix programming bugs using the best practices to solve it

As Squad team member

  • Lead the mission of the squad and impact in the company: you will help the organization to deal with the needs, challenges from engineering today and in the future, as well as encouraging the interdependencies between squads.
  • Bring good practices to the team: Every person at the team is responsible for helping the rest to be better individually and as a team, for this reason you will share all your knowledge and experience with the rest of the team, and also you will be open to learn and improve from others feedback.
  • Work with agile processes in close collaboration with product management, engineering and other stakeholders

What we will validate once we meet you:

  1. Engineering skills. You bring good analysis of problems to find solutions, splitting the problems into suitable solutions
  2. Great understanding of both business needs and product challenges in software design thinking.
  3. We are working on creating an appealing product culture with everyone who is joining the team, that is why good communication skills and teamwork will be crucial for us
  4. As you will bring the project other previous work experiences, we will expect proactivity, self-leadership and ownership in good practices that makes you able to make your own decisions.
  5. Strong interest in thinking about products, and a deep understanding of the product. This includes genuine empathy to how users use the product, but also an understanding of how a product works or should work as a complex system.

Last, but not least, required Technologies & practices

  • Node.js
  • Cloud Native, NoSQL, Git, 12factor
  • Clean Code, choreographed architectures, testing e2e
  • Websockets
  • Blockchain principles

What we will bring back to you:

🚀 Lead the growth of a startup that already has validated it software with the market.

👩🏻‍🎨 A place where you can use your creativity and skills to impact the way millions of people work.

💗 Startup environment. We are partners, friends and always learn from each other!

👪 Real flexibility and work-life balance (with beautiful offices in Valencia).

💶 Competitive salary [40k-50k] with a bonus track according to objectives.

🙏🏼 An amazing team with commitment and passion for innovation and impact.

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